Holy Yoga Sued for Mishandling of Sexual Harassment Allegations

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The Holy Yoga Foundation, and another organization Holy Yoga Global, LLC, have been sued by a former employee who alleges that she was forced out of…
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Religion and Alternative Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Candy Gunther Brown – by Harvard University’s “Initiative on Health, Religion and Spirituality”

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From Harvard University:  Religion and Alternative Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Candy Gunther Brown. Dr. Candy Gunther Brown discusses her book, "The Healing Gods:  Complementary…

Holy Yoga Practitioners Beware! – Christian Experiences Demonic Manifestation from Yoga Practice

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In the Youtube video below, a Christian who practiced yoga describes yoga’s true background and his experiences of the false peace and deception of yoga…
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What’s the Matter with Yoga? – “The Spirit Power of Yoga” video by Corinna Craft

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Former yoga instructor, Corinna Craft, explains how seeking a spiritual experience or trying to merge Christian spirituality with Yoga opens one up to Hindu spirits. …

Holy Yoga – The Trojan Horse of Occult Healing in the Church

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If you thought that Holy Yoga™ was only about bringing the “Hatha” yoga asanas or postures wrapped in Christian worship into the church, you would…

Exorcist, Bob Larson, Gives the Low Down on Christians doing the “Downward Dog” – YouTube

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Exorcist and pastor, Bob Larson, gives his view on "Christian Yoga" in his recent "Ask the Exorcist" YouTube video.  He answers that question about whether…