Yoga in Schools – A website dedicated to keeping yoga out of public schools.  The website grew out of the movement to keep Hindu based “Ashtanga” yoga out of the public schools in Encinitas, California.  Ashtanga yoga sees centuries-old text,  “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” as foundational to their form of yoga practice.  Even though Ashtanga yoga is definitely Hindu based, concerned parents were unable to convince the courts in 2013 to keep this form of yoga out of the public schools on religious grounds.  Please see their website for more information.

National Center for Law and Policy’s (NCLP) resources on Yoga in Schools:

See the yoga section on their resource page here.

Professor Candy Gunther Brown’s Declaration in the court case against the Encinitas, California Public School’s introduction of Yoga into their curriculum. Every church considering so-called “Christian Yoga” should read Dr. Brown’s declaration to get an understanding of the incompatibility of yoga and Christianity and its inseparability with pantheistic and monistic religions.   PDF of Dr. Brown’s Declaration is available here.

NCLP’s Yoga Fact Sheet

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