Mindfulness Meditation

See Yogadanger’s Meditation Dangers Facebook page for many posts on Mindfulness Meditation

Yogadanger’s blog posts on Mindfulness Meditation

“The Dark Side of Meditation”  from a new book by Dr. Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm, The Buddha Pill:  Can Meditation Change You?,” is available in edited form at the UK Independent.

Can “Secular” Mindfulness Be Separated from Religion”  by Dr. Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University, in R. E. Purser et al. (eds.), Handbook of Mindfulness, Mindfulness in Behavioral Health, Springer, Switzerland, 2016.    DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-44019-4_6

Are “Secular” Mindfulness-Based Programs in Public Schools Religion-Neutral? Dr. Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University, the link is to a pdf file, Dr. Brown’s article is on page six.

See also Dr. Candy Gunther Brown’s Facebook page.

The websites referenced on these pages come from “New Age” and Eastern religious sources as well as Christian viewpoints on the topic.

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