A Hindu View of “Christian Yoga” by Rajiv Malhotra

This article is linked from The Huffington Post.  Christians that are into so-called “Christian Yoga” must begin to do their own research to understand what Rajiv Malhotra is saying before they make any comments regarding the compatibility of Christianity and Yoga practice. I hope to later expand my comments on this important article.

Raji Malhotra, “A Hindu View of Christian Yoga,” Huffington Post


2 thoughts on “A Hindu View of “Christian Yoga” by Rajiv Malhotra”

  1. The Author called for the mastery of the ego and respect for difference, and the hope is that it would usher in a whole new level of interfaith collaborations. At this juncture,when 30 million people are pursuing yoga and meditation, a new level of collaborations is a must.

  2. The collaboration must start first with respectful honest truth about where our faiths differ spiritually. Millions of Christians are literally giving up their faith in their Savior, to pursue demigods or some nirvana. It is incredible that we would literally give up our Savior to pursue the “health” benefits of a practice which is not compatible with our beliefs. The first commandment of the JudeoChristian faith is you shall have no other God. We are not “free” to seek out other powers whose sources may not be “ok” with our God. This is serious and our ancestors had a better understanding. I want to know why Christian hospitals and doctors are employing procedures like this or abortion and still identifying with Christ? This is the line which must not be crossed over. We must not lie about who and what we are. Either we believe or we don’t, either we are truthful or we are not, we have to choose. We don’t get to have our will and God’s at the same time.


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