The Enneagram: The Personality Typing Ouija Board for Christians from Intervarsity Press

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Just in time for Halloween, “Christian” publisher Intervarsity Press (IVP) has premiered its new website: EnneagramToday.com. Have the leaders at Intervarsity lost their minds, or…

Why “Christian” Yoga? – Candy Gunther Brown – Psychology Today

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Professor Candy Gunther Brown discusses the brand extension of yoga into so-called "Christian Yoga" in her blog post at Psychology Today. More and more Christians…

The Third Eye – Bob Larson’s Blog

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During a recent one-on-one Personal Spiritual Encounter we ministered to a woman whose family was deeply involved in the occult. There were many things to…
Pupils meditating in lotus position on desk in classroom at the elementary school

Conservative legal groups are suing public school yoga and mindfulness programs. This explains why. – Washington Post

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Dr. Candy Gunther Brown discusses the background and current efforts by legal groups to oppose the introduction of Mindfulness and Yoga into the public school…

Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools is a No-Brainer? Think Again – Rewire.News

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Professor Candy Gunther Brown of Indiana University discusses many of the current issues surrounding the implementation of yoga and mindfulness in the public school in…
Pupils meditating on classroom desks

The Deception of Buddhist-Based Mindfulness in Our Schools and the Dangers It Poses – ACLJ.org

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The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has begun an initiative to fight against the stealth introduction of Buddhism in public schools through mindfulness…