Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools is a No-Brainer? Think Again – Rewire.News

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Professor Candy Gunther Brown of Indiana University discusses many of the current issues surrounding the implementation of yoga and mindfulness in the public school in…
Pupils meditating on classroom desks

The Deception of Buddhist-Based Mindfulness in Our Schools and the Dangers It Poses – ACLJ.org

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The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has begun an initiative to fight against the stealth introduction of Buddhism in public schools through mindfulness…
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The Growth of Yoga Correlates with Interest in Witchcraft and Astrology

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It does not take much visual comprehension to see the correlation between witchcraft and yoga on the Google Ngram chart below.  Although Google’s Ngram viewer…

Yoga Appropriation by “Holy Yoga” – Letter To Founder Brooke Boon – Pgurus.com

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Satya Dosapati, in an article at Pgurus.com, responds to Holy Yoga founder Brooke Boon's interview with Rajiv Malhotra.  The author is deeply concerned about the…

Missouri Megachurch Pastor says Yoga is Demonic and is “diametrically opposed to Christianity.”

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Missouri pastor, John Lindell, of James River Church in Ozark, Missouri, has spoken out about yoga and has received blowback from local yoga teachers.  His…

“The Trauma Dharma” – The “First Do No Harm” training program aims to make meditation safer, in part by recognizing the pitfalls. – Tricycle

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Interesting article on Buddhist website, Tricycle, with an interview of Dr. Willoughby Britton of Brown University regarding her research into meditation related difficulties. Interestingly, she…