Rajiv Malhotra – “Holy Spirit is not the same as Shakti or Kundalini – Beliefnet”

via Holy Spirit is not the same as Shakti or Kundalini – Beliefnet

An excellent article by eminent Hindu scholar, Rajiv Malhotra, regarding the popular notion that the Holy Spirit in Christianity is the same as Kundalini or Shakti in Hinduism. Do not miss the link on the second page of the article on Beliefnet to an article in “America Magazine – The Jesuit Review” by Francis X. Clooney, S. J. for a Catholic response to the debate.

I would hope all of Brooke Boon’s “Holy Yoga” followers would take note of the debate here when they attempt to incorporate Hindu metaphysical chakra theory into their belief systems.  “Christian Yoga” practitioners should take note that the raising of the Kundalini is what they are in reality trying to do with pranayama breathing and mental focusing exercises to balance their so-called “energy” or Kundalini.


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