Exorcist, Bob Larson, Gives the Low Down on Christians doing the “Downward Dog” – YouTube

Exorcist and pastor, Bob Larson, gives his view on “Christian Yoga” in his recent “Ask the Exorcist” YouTube video.  He answers that question about whether the Christian relabeling of yoga actually changes the true nature of yoga from its Hindu roots.

Many Christians no longer believe in Biblical prohibitions but in “re-intentioning” prohibited practices through semantic substitution.  It is all really a form of Christian magic because they believe that somehow their intentions can substitute and supersede God’s will and that He is just O.K. with it.  “Holy Yoga” founder Brooke Boon should take a lesson from 2 Samuel 6 where Uzzah, son of Abinadab, was struck down for what he probably thought was a well-intentioned but prohibited action of taking hold of the Arc of the Covenant to keep it from falling off the cart.  He was struck down by God and died instantly.  God had given specific instructions on who was to move the Arc and how it was to be done.  Not by putting it on a cart but by carrying it on their shoulders with poles that went through rings on the corners of the Arc.  Perhaps, this is the origin of the idiom, “I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole”.  I recommend that Christians heed this as a warning before engaging in so-called “Holy Yoga”.



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