Rajiv Malhotra – “Holy Spirit is not the same as Shakti or Kundalini – Beliefnet”


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An excellent article by eminent Hindu scholar, Rajiv Malhotra, regarding the popular notion that the Holy Spirit in Christianity is the same as Kundalini or Shakti in Hinduism. Do not miss the link on the second page of the article on Beliefnet to an article in “America Magazine – The Jesuit Review” by Francis X. Clooney, S. J. for a Catholic response to the debate.

I would hope all of Brooke Boon’s “Holy Yoga” followers would take note of the debate here when they attempt to incorporate Hindu metaphysical chakra theory into their belief systems.  “Christian Yoga” practitioners should take note that the raising of the Kundalini is what they are in reality trying to do with pranayama breathing and mental focusing exercises to balance their so-called “energy” or Kundalini.

The Daily Wire : Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine, by Matt Walsh


Via the Daily Wire:

Blogger Matt Walsh describes some of the issues Christians face rationalizing their yoga practice on his blog post at The Daily Wire – “Yoga is a Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find a Different Workout Routine.”    I share too in his experience of being mocked by other Christians who have little understanding of the ancient Hindu practice and how pantheistic Eastern religions interpret spiritual disciplines and experience.  They should do some background research before mocking other believers. Being a resource for background research has been one of the main purposes of this website for over 15 years.  There are many references here to the work of Hindu scholars that say that yoga cannot be separated from Hinduism.  I recommend Rajiv Malhotra’s – A Hindu View of “Christian Yoga,”  as well as many other articles referenced here at yogadangers.com.


Study documents range of challenging meditation experiences – Brown University

Via the Brown University news site:

Challenges can occur:
Meditation is increasingly practiced in the West to achieve medical or psychological benefits, but the practice, rooted in ancient tradition, can produce a wider range of sometimes challenging experiences, that have not yet been well studied.

“Though it has gained popularity in the West as medically and psychologically beneficial, meditation can produce a much wider variety of outcomes, not all of them calm and relaxing, according to a new study that analyzes meditation-related challenges.”  To read more:  https://news.brown.edu/articles/2017/05/experiences

What’s the Matter with Yoga? – “Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion” by Corinna Craft


Corinna Craft, M.A., J.D.


What’s the Matter with Yoga?  – “Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion” by Corinna Craft

Former yoga teacher and massage therapist, Corinna Craft learned that although she had the best of intentions as a Christian, her involvement in yoga exposed her to the demonic affliction of Hindu spirits.  Even though she became certified in what she called “gym yoga” that was devoid of Hindu doctrines, she still was spiritually compromised.  Ms. Crafts website, WhatsTheMatterWithYoga,  has wonderfully written pieces about her life, her testimony of deliverance and an excellent exposition of the true nature of yoga poses within Hindu spirituality, titled “Yoga Poses as Devotion in Motion.”  Also, see the video below on the same topic and others on her website here.

I challenge all practitioners of “Christian” Yoga, especially those involved in “Holy Yoga” to take the implications of Corinna Craft’s writings seriously.  Especially due to the fact the “Holy Yoga” embraces the Hindu doctrines of Bhakti or “devotional” yoga as well as the more esoteric and demonic Kundalini energy and chakra theory.  However, according to the “Holy Yoga 101 Workshop Outline,”  as long as we “surrender” it to the Lord, and since he is the creator of everything, it will be okey-dokey unto the Lord.    This flawed logic that places personal intentions over scriptural prohibitions even applies to Holy Yoga’s  teaching that yoga “speeds up the rise of energy from our most base (physical body) to our highest (spiritual body).”   This Hindu and New Age doctrines of the supremacy of the spiritual over the physical or that we have separate spiritual bodies or “subtle bodies” exists nowhere in Judaeo-Christian theology.