Spiritual, Yoga Worlds Collide At San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral


As one of the main centers of syncretism in the Episcopal Church, Grace Cathedral of San Francisco combines the Hindu rituals of yoga with the spirituality of the labyrinth.  Instead of kneeling down in submission and praying to God as Jesus did, many think they can be in direct relationship with God by manipulating their bodies, controlling their breathing and clearing their minds.  I think it would be hard for God to think he has our attention while participating in such practices.

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus said that Mary had chosen what was better by listening to him while sitting at his feet while Martha was distracted by other tasks of being a host.  Yoga is actually an activity of extreme self-focus: controlling the body, breath and mind as a pathway of self-worship to reach the so-called “divinity” within as opposed to reaching out to have a relationship with the person of God in Jesus Christ.  Think about it. How easy would it be for you to have an intimate conversation with a close friend while they were doing the downward dog?

 Spiritual, Yoga Worlds Collide At San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral

The History of Future Folk Medicine – Wikipedia not playing fair with Harvard Doctor

Acupuncture and New Age memory therapy techniques now become “Energy Psychology.”   At least some people are exhibiting some sanity towards the creation of new scientific fields based on faith in unproven so-called “subtle energies.”  As a someone trained in Behavioral Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis, I am still waiting for proof of the existence of these so-called subtle energies and how humans can possibly manipulate them.  For now, these studies should be in the realm of “Energy Theology,” sorcery or metaphysics; and be treated as such.


Harvard Doc To Wikipedia: You’re Not Playing Fair On Alternative Trauma Therapy


Are Hindus offended by the words “Yoga pants”, “Hot Yoga”, “Christian Yoga”, “Yoga dog pose” etc?

Yoga and the Marketing of Christianity:

 From an “Anonymous” Hindu:

 Only one word: CHRISTIAN YOGA.   Because the Indianess associated with yoga is taken away and the element of Christ and Christianity is infused to keep the Church relevant and going for some more time.  This is very worrying indeed as some ‘GENIUS’ from the west would claim tomorrow that Yoga was a sermon preached from the Mount.  I have always scratched my head why Christian groups would meddle with other cultures or religions to keep their enterprise errrr…… their religion going for a long time?

 IMHO The Modus Operandi of the Church is that Whatever the Church sees as a threat to its existence (i.e. something that is superior to it and popular with the masses) it would initially try to belittle or degrade using propaganda.  If the defamation effort fails, then they would cunningly try to own their nemesis to stay relevant in the marketing business of Jesus.  I may offend any devout Christian who could read this answer but this is how the religion is spreading in the so called third world countries: obscenely by exploiting the poverty and misery of their target population of non-believers.

 See the original comments at:   http://www.quora.com/Are-Hindus-offended-by-the-words-Yoga-pants-Hot-Yoga-Christian-Yoga-Yoga-dog-pose-etc



Yoga: More than Meets the Eyes??

Below is a link to an excellent article on yoga by Rev. Dr. Ed Hird who is the former National Chair of Anglican Renewal Ministries Canada and Past President of Alpha Canada.  Rev. Hird has his own history in eastern religions through exposure in the martial arts and he discusses his journey in coming to renounce his involvement in these activities.  This article is very well researched and very thoughtful in detailing the spiritual issues that Christians should understand about the background and spiritual dynamics of yoga.   Promoters of “Christian(ized) yoga” should give Dr. Hird the benefit of the doubt as they read this article.

Yoga: More than Meets the Eyes??” at edhird.com

Bob Larson on the Business of Mysticism


Is this any way to build a business?

By Bob Larson, from www.boblarson.org

In case you thought that most mystics are wearing yoga pants and sitting in a lotus position somewhere in Sedona, guess again. Eastern meditation and occultism threatens to take over, of all places, Wall Street and the business community. The “mindfulness” of meditation is suddenly the in-thing with the corporate world. A recent article in the international business magazine The Economist observes that many business schools are embracing eastern meditation, including Harvard, as a way to develop future MBA leaders who are “self-aware and self-compassionate,” whatever that means.  Google encourages employees to “search inside yourself” and Ebay has meditation rooms with pillows and flowers. Twitter and Facebook are also on board. Sitting and relaxing, closing your eyes and shutting out the world is likely to do some good. (We used to call this a power-nap.) But the problem comes with the spiritual overlay that accompanies these techniques. Inherent in these mystical concepts is the negation of sin and any need of objective moral behavior. It’s all touchy-feely-fuzzy and requires no ethical commitment of character – just look inside yourself. The Bible says that, without Christ, the inner you is evil. “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure,” is the way the prophet Jeremiah (1:7) described it. But “blessed in the man who trusts in the Lord” (Jeremiah 17:7). If the business world wants to truly encourage employee morale and increase profits, they’d be better to pursue the “peace that passes understanding” from knowing Christ. The Protestant work ethic is what made America great, and a Buddhist work culture will, in time, erode our competitive edge.

An encouraging word:  LET GOD SEARCH YOUR HEART

“I The Lord search the heart and examine the mind” (Jeremiah 17:10). Have you ever thought about that? There is nothing in your soul which the Lord doesn’t know. Every thought, each aspiration, every temptation you’re allowed. If God examines our minds, how much more should we be careful to guard everything that enters the world of our imagination. Take inventory today of what you’ve allowed into your heart and by examination get rid of what’s not pleasing to God, before He who knows your heart finds it necessary to chasten your mind.

Published with permission of www.boblarson.org