The Daily Mail: New Research and Book warns of the Dangers of Meditation

It is about time.  Finally the researchers are getting honest.  Back in the 1980’s Germany sponsored studies on Transcendental Meditation that reported problems of insomnia and other physical problems.   The researchers are finally proving what the yogi’s have known all along.

From the Daily Mail:

The dark side of meditation and mindfulness: Treatment can trigger mania, depression and psychosis, new book claims

“Spiritual Correctness” in Evangelical Churches Opens door to Occult “Yoga Miracle” Healing

“Wary Christians Flee Nevada Church after Yoga Miracle” by Valerie Tarico

With the “Spiritual Correctness” of modern evangelicalism opening the door to heretical fads like “Christian Yoga,” it was only a matter of time for the enemy display the fullness of his talents.  Modern evangelicalism has refused to accept the New Testament spiritual warfare worldview taught by our Lord Jesus.   The church has succumbed to the pantheistic and pluralistic world view where if it is spiritual, and apparently good things happen, it must be of God.  The church must move beyond its Spiritually Correct worldview which acknowledges the miracles and spiritual warfare in New Testament times but functionally treats its belief in the supernatural as though it were reminiscent of a mere mythical legend for today.

Spiritual, Yoga Worlds Collide At San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral


As one of the main centers of syncretism in the Episcopal Church, Grace Cathedral of San Francisco combines the Hindu rituals of yoga with the spirituality of the labyrinth.  Instead of kneeling down in submission and praying to God as Jesus did, many think they can be in direct relationship with God by manipulating their bodies, controlling their breathing and clearing their minds.  I think it would be hard for God to think he has our attention while participating in such practices.

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus said that Mary had chosen what was better by listening to him while sitting at his feet while Martha was distracted by other tasks of being a host.  Yoga is actually an activity of extreme self-focus: controlling the body, breath and mind as a pathway of self-worship to reach the so-called “divinity” within as opposed to reaching out to have a relationship with the person of God in Jesus Christ.  Think about it. How easy would it be for you to have an intimate conversation with a close friend while they were doing the downward dog?

 Spiritual, Yoga Worlds Collide At San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral

The History of Future Folk Medicine – Wikipedia not playing fair with Harvard Doctor

Acupuncture and New Age memory therapy techniques now become “Energy Psychology.”   At least some people are exhibiting some sanity towards the creation of new scientific fields based on faith in unproven so-called “subtle energies.”  As a someone trained in Behavioral Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis, I am still waiting for proof of the existence of these so-called subtle energies and how humans can possibly manipulate them.  For now, these studies should be in the realm of “Energy Theology,” sorcery or metaphysics; and be treated as such.


Harvard Doc To Wikipedia: You’re Not Playing Fair On Alternative Trauma Therapy