The Growth of Yoga Correlates with Interest in Witchcraft and Astrology

It does not take much visual comprehension to see the correlation between witchcraft and yoga on the Google Ngram chart below.  Although Google’s Ngram viewer only tabulates the instance of words in books in its database, it is still a proxy for seeing trends in the public’s interest in particular topics. You cannot equate Ngram studies to the descriptive power of longitudinal scientific surveys.  However, surveys reflect attitudes not actual behavior, and publishers tend to market books that the public will buy.

What is most interesting are the inflection points of the lines in the graph.  The incidence of the term witchcraft tends to change direction before yoga.  You can see this from the period of the mid-1960’s and from late 1980’s to the mid-1990s.  Interest in astrology tracks more directly with yoga.  You might expect to see this relationship between yoga and astrology in India where all things spiritual and divinatory are popular, but this graph is only of books in American English. 

What is most interesting is the beginning of the downward trend in the late 2000s just as Christian Yoga began its boom, but the modern evangelical church has always been trend chasing.  Why don’t they all become just Episcopalians and jump ahead of the curve?


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  1. What is sad and concerning is that there has been data out there in “science” regarding the dangers related to yoga practice, yet we have embraced and endorsed its use in our public schools. We may not pray or teach the Bible, but we can do the downward dog pose. With the rapidly expanding epidemic of anxiety and behavioral concerns, we can direct parents to use yoga, but not to the church as peace giver or healer. How far our country has come from its birthing? The first public education law was the Satan’s Act in Mass. to provider a teacher to every 50 settlers to teach them the Bible. I am interested to know why there are no scientific studies which support Christian pray or biblical study, related to the treatment of anxiety, depression or behavioral concerns? I pray we have the ability to live and practice our faith in an increasingly pluralistic secular society? Buyer beware since I was sent to yoga by a “Christian” psychologist for the treatment of anxiety and depression. I was very clear about my faith and innocently followed their directions. It did not lead to good things and it was only by seriously seeking healing through my faith by repentance, praise, pray and communion that I was freed from what felt like spiritual chains.

    • Thank you for your post and testimony. Most pastors are clueless about yoga and the encroachment of the New Age into medicine. The have more faith in the “professionals” than the healing power of our Lord. I am glad you are doing better.


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