“Parents Against Transcendental Meditation” tries to end the stealth ritual initiation of students into the TM® Program in the Chicago Public Schools.

A new Facebook page, Parents Against TM, is warning public school parents and teachers about the stealth initiation of students into the TM ® program. The Facebook page has posts and videos where students and parents are warned about this David Lynch Foundation-funded program. The students also become subjects of a research study on the program conducted by the University of Chicago. According to the Facebook page:

The “Quiet Time” program through the David Lynch Foundation is a transcendental meditation program in some Chicago public schools. Students are to do 15-45 mins of transcendental meditation (TM) each day during school. It is claimed to lead to benefits such as reduced absenteeism, higher test scores, and lowering of blood pressure, but many studies show that this is false and TM can actually trigger depression, anxiety, psychosis, and long-term users report suicidal thoughts and involuntary ticks in their body.

Furthermore, the group states:

“Quiet Time (QT)” also claims to be non-religious but the mantra students are told to meditate on and to keep secret is actually a Hindu god.

Below is an interview with a student in the Chicago Public Schools describing the Hindu ritual that the students were required to perform as part of the “Quiet Time” program.

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