Market Leading “Holy Yoga” Announces Brand Extension for Kids

“Christian yoga” tycoon Brook Boon, creator of brand leading “Holy Yoga,” has a new brand extension called Kid’s “Holy” yoga.   You too can become an accredited Kid’s Holy Yoga instructor for $475 by watching six two-hour webinars.  You will be taught how yoga, breathing exercises and meditation will bring you children closer to (G)od.

My question is whether Ms. Boon will attempt to teach alternate-nostril “pranic” breathing techniques to the little ones. (Brooke Boon, “Holy Yoga,” 2007, p. 81)  But it really doesn’t matter because Ms. Boon has written, “our use of the postures of Hatha Yoga together with the spiritual intent- although thoroughly Christian – of Bhakti Yoga are what make our practice of yoga truly holy.” (p. 8, italics in the original)

“Bhakti” yoga is the Hindu path of “devotion” to the divine.  It is one of the four major paths of salvation in Hinduism. It is salvation through intentional devotional activity.   Bhakti yoga’s goal is being absorbed into the godhead and achieving “god realization.”   During a visit to Australia several years ago, a former Lutheran standing in front of the Anglican Cathedral in Sydney approached me passing out tracts espousing the benefits of Bhakti yoga.  I quizzed him on Bhakti yoga and he informed me that it would be completely compatible and additive to my Christian experience.  However, it would be important to become a vegetarian for it to really “work” for me.   It is no wonder that Minnesota Diocese’s  Episcopal House of Prayer retreat center (a.k.a. yoga retreat center) specializes in vegetarian meals for its retreatants.

Ultimately, salvation through yoga is self-salvation through self-work and self-worship.  The Cross of Jesus Christ and the blood atonement are often the casualties in my experience with “yogic” Christians.  It ultimately leads to the denial of the necessity of blood sacrifice in Judaeo-Christian theology.

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