Holy Flying Yoga?

I visited the market-leading “Holy Yoga” website today and discovered yet another Holy Yoga variant, “Aerial Holy Yoga.”    I am not sure if the folks at Holy Yoga are now teaching the “Siddhis,” or supernatural powers of Rāja Yoga or advanced acrobatics.  Perhaps, it is just a Photoshop class.   Regardless, the idea that we can worship the Lord in “spirit and truth” when we are suspended upside down with all of our blood rushing to our brains escapes me.

The self-focus that is involved in all yoga practice is in total contrast to Christian spirituality.  The idea that we have to do progressively more difficult physical practices to become closer to God and to be “more” spiritual is the antithesis to Christianity.  Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Mark 10:15)

What next, a “Holy Yoga” version of the Bible?

Note to pastors:  You may want to have someone on your board check to see if your church’s insurance policy covers this kind of activity.


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  1. JustCurious, I had never heard of the new Westernized version of yoga called aerial yoga until I saw this on the website. However, many Hindu’s don’t appreciate the co-opting of yoga by Christians and believe it is disrespecting their religion. However, some Hindus especially those that followed Paramahansa Yogananda believe that Jesus was an avatar and must have spent time in India studying under a guru to develop his supernatural powers such as walking through walls and walking on water. It only follows that the “Holy Yoga” yogis and yogainnis would be heading in this direction with their syncretization of Christianity because they follow Jesus as their “guru” and not Lord.


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