Are Hindus offended by the words “Yoga pants”, “Hot Yoga”, “Christian Yoga”, “Yoga dog pose” etc?

Yoga and the Marketing of Christianity:

 From an “Anonymous” Hindu:

 Only one word: CHRISTIAN YOGA.   Because the Indianess associated with yoga is taken away and the element of Christ and Christianity is infused to keep the Church relevant and going for some more time.  This is very worrying indeed as some ‘GENIUS’ from the west would claim tomorrow that Yoga was a sermon preached from the Mount.  I have always scratched my head why Christian groups would meddle with other cultures or religions to keep their enterprise errrr…… their religion going for a long time?

 IMHO The Modus Operandi of the Church is that Whatever the Church sees as a threat to its existence (i.e. something that is superior to it and popular with the masses) it would initially try to belittle or degrade using propaganda.  If the defamation effort fails, then they would cunningly try to own their nemesis to stay relevant in the marketing business of Jesus.  I may offend any devout Christian who could read this answer but this is how the religion is spreading in the so called third world countries: obscenely by exploiting the poverty and misery of their target population of non-believers.

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