Yoga Crowds Out Music, Art and PE in Encinitas Public Schools

Many years ago I posted a link to an article from Hinduism Today, titled “An Open Letter to Evangelicals”, written in 1991. This evangelical transformation is now almost complete.  The Sonima Foundation, which spearheaded introducing Hindu based yoga into the Encinitas, California public schools, has now backed out of funding the program.   Now the newly formed yoga disciples in the public schools are demanding the funding for the program at the cost of a mere $800K next year.   As reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune, parents were not given options other than to fund yoga program but were offered no alternatives in PE, music or the arts.

Interestingly, the Sonima Foundation doesn’t appear to be interested in long-term funding of these programs but just forcing them into school districts around the country and have them fund the programs and, when necessary, defend them in court all under the banner of “wellness.”

Encinitas schools propose $800K for yoga classes. San Diego Union-Tribune

What Makes the Encinitas School Yoga Program Religious? Huffington Post


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