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Meditation Posture to Open the Third Eye

During a recent one-on-one Personal Spiritual Encounter we ministered to a woman whose family was deeply involved in the occult. There were many things to be renounced and multiple curses to be broken. But after considerable time, we still hadn’t achieved the breakthrough we needed. It was then that the woman said, “You know, my mother talked a lot of how she could see into the spirit realm through her third eye.” BINGO. That was it. In Eastern religions, the third eye “chakra” (psychic energy center) is seen as the key to the spiritual awakening of the individual’s soul. It’s considered the sixth chakra (sometimes seventh) in the brow area between the eyes, sometimes in the center of the forehead, the eye of the mind or the soul, the gateway to higher, inner consciousness. The yogi who develops this chakra is said to be freed from time-bound consciousness and transcends the personal ego-self to achieve super-consciousness, god-consciousness. This is why you’ll see devout Hindus wearing a jewel (women) in this location of the forehead or having a mark of holy ash from a Hindu temple, known as “tlaka.” The third eye is awakened by meditation and is believed to be the dwelling of the Hindu god Shiva, Lord of Destruction. During ministry, I have often been able to call forth the demon(s) connected to this eye, simply by placing the edge of my Bible, as a spiritual sword, piercing this demonic locale. This raises a question: Do demons sometimes reside in specific body locations? Yes. Even though they are non-spatial, spirit beings, once they inhabit a physical body, they are bound by the time/space confines of that body. Thus, they may dwell in a specific area. If an individual opens the door to demons by a spiritual practice, such as yoga or meditation, the evil spirit may lay claim to that body part which has been used as the spiritual source of invocation. 

All non-Christian meditation techniques should be avoided, even if awakening the third eye is not a specifically stated goal. This is also true with yoga, even so-called “holy Christian yoga.” The posturing positions have been specifically developed over millennia to evoke third-eye awareness, whether that is the intended goal of the yoga follower. The ultimate lie of third-eye consciousness is two-fold: 1) that the path to spiritual awareness is through focus on a specific body location, rather than the biblical truths of Christ’s blood atonement and resurrection, and 2) that the goal of spirituality is the dissolving of one’s ego for immersion in the oneness of god consciousness, rather than harmony with Jesus Christ by repentance of personal sin and submission to His Lordship as the only Son of God.

Published with permission of Bob Larson.


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