CNN: Beyond “Namaste”: The Benefits of Yoga In Schools.


In response to Ms. Dana Santa, author of the CNN website article titled linked below, it is fairly typical for Westerners to be clueless about the spiritual nature of pantheistic religious practices and their supposed mind-body benefits especially when there are big bucks to be made in the multi-billion dollar yoga industry. These know it all yogis & yoginis typically have zero understanding of the nature of Hinduism, the potential dangers to Eastern meditation or the true goals of yoga. Most research studies on yoga are poorly controlled and rarely show benefits that exceed other forms of exercise or quiet practices like listening to music or reading poetry. It is very difficult to control for expectation effects in these research studies especially when you are engaged in such an obviously cool and trendy practice which just has to be better for everyone!



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  1. Well done for not holding back – tell it like it it. Corrupters of children they are indeed, all for the sake of money, or for the love of demonic, a teaching where pride being the root will cause the western yoga teacher to remain wilfully blind.

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