Holy Yoga Practitioners Beware! – Christian Experiences Demonic Manifestation from Yoga Practice

In the Youtube video below, a Christian who practiced yoga describes yoga’s true background and his experiences of the false peace and deception of yoga practice.   He further describes his experience of the kundalini spirit manifesting during a deliverance session at a church.

Similarly to Corinna Craft’s videos linked on this website, the gentleman in the video describes that yoga is a ritual that has been practiced for hundreds of years and that the spirits tied to the practice, own the practice.  It cannot be Christianized by repeating a view Bible verses at the beginning of the yoga session as they do in Holy Yoga.

It is not surprising as the Holy Yoga movement has spread that they are now teaching full-blown Hindu yogic philosophy and occult theory.   Now at the highest instructor levels of Holy Yoga, they now teach mantras, chakra theory, ayurvedic medicine, yamas, niyamas and the Yoga Sutras.  See Holy Yoga’s Master’s Training Packet.



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